Construction Vision Overview

The long term vision of Touching Lives is to establish a health system.

Creating Infrastructure on God’s Hill:

  • A bore hole was drilled in February 2012 and the water system powered by solar energy was dedicated in February 2024.
  • We worked with Kenya Power to bring three phase power to the land in 2015 with a generator to act as a backup.
  • A greenhouse was added in 2017 with a small garden area around it for the community.
  • 2018 brought a cargo container that was converted into the Touching Lives Kenya office, a storage area, and the beginning of a dental clinic.
  • A Poultry Project and the beginning of site-wide solar power was added in 2019.
  • In 2019-2020 an orchard for SMC was begun.
  • Early 2023 found SMC with a second cargo container. This was placed adjacent to the first container and a storage unit was in its beginning stages.

Phase One Construction

  • The first phase of hospital construction will include the Outpatient Building, this will include:
    • Exam offices for outpatient clinics,
    • A small laboratory, pharmacy, emergency room, labor and delivery
    • Mortuary with incinerator and lime pit
    • A small laundry and kitchen
    • Maternity waiting huts with a shower and toilet facility
    • Campus wide solar hub
    • Administrative offices
    • Retention Pool/Meditation Garden

Phase Two and Beyond

Buildings will be added to the campus incrementally.
  • Independent Patient Wards, Labor and Delivery, Emergency Room, Theatre, Neonatal Intensive Care Ward, Intensive Care Ward, Pharmacy, Laboratory, Imaging, Chapel, Staff Housing, Guest House

Long Term Vision

Small Health Centers will be located in villages within 5-10 km of SMC. When a critical patient comes to a Health Center an ambulance will be dispatched from Sanjweru Medical Center to transport the patient for more intensive care and/or surgery. Once the patient(s) are able they will return to the Health Center, closer to family, where the cost of their care will be less. The addition of 5 or more Health Centers around SMC will increase the population that will have access to our services and, in essence, create a Medical Health System. This system will then become a reproducible model for other regions of Kenya and even around the world. The Board of Directors of Touching Lives are committed to following this vision as God leads us forward.  
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